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About Brian T. Seifrit

Brian’s titles include: “Absolute Anger”, “Escape”, “Bloodlines”, “Red Rock Canyon”, “The Coalition of Purgatory”, “Chased by Shadows” no longer in print, “Return to Red Rock”, “The Missing Years Part I”, “The Missing Years Part II”, “The Missing Years Part III”, “Voracity”, an action/thriller. “The Missing Years IV”, “Willow Gate Justice”, and his most recent title “The Apache Warrior”, another Tyrell Sloan western/adventure. He is also the co-author of, “A Bloodstained Hammer”, based on the actual Townsend murders that took place in his hometown in 1959.

His noir fiction “Absolute Anger” was optioned for a movie back in April 2010 and is now complete. Release date: TBA. More information about this title can be found on IMDb, under the titles name “Absolute Anger”

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Books By Briant

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