The history of my book “Absolute Anger” is a long one. It was first published in 1st person POV under the title “The O’Brien Series- Book One”, it is irrelevant who the publisher was- as I soon nullified their contract. At that time I was also writing the sequel- “Manhunt”, with no aspects on how I was going to ever get it published, I entered it in a mystery/thriller contest- through Rosedog Press. Some time later it won 1st place, the reward- a one year publishing contract. So began its journey from what it was then to what it has become today. Still there were bumps and disappointments along the way. When the Rosedog contract expired, I decided to do a complete rewrite of both titles and combine them into “Absolute Anger”. I spent a few months changing the POV to 3rd person, a style I prefer. I was working with a new publisher at that time, Saga Books, and I sent them a Hrd Copy, back then it was rare that publishers accepted email submissions, it was the old, print off pages and send via postal service. Man, am I glad those days are gone.

But I digress, after a few weeks I finally received the acceptance letter from Saga. From there “Absolute Anger” was once more on a journey that took it to higher limits, than I would have ever expected. I hired a script writer who wrote a script titled “Symphony of Pain”- I sent that to a few different producer who were looking for options, unfortunately an option for the script didn’t happen. It was while under contract with Saga Books, that I managed to make contact with a film producer in Toronto who showed interest in it. A few months of emails back and forth, we reached an agreement, and the producer optioned the book title, but not the script, his own script writers would do that. It didn’t end there, eventually Saga Books hung up their license and the publisher retired.

Once again, “Absolute Anger” was in limbo- it had no home. The movie I knew would one day come to fruition, I had complete faith in the producer who optioned it. We met in person in Toronto in my hotel room, in April 2013 to revamp the contract. I had been flown there by a third party in regard to a totally different event. Richard and I drank “Apple Whisky”, and reminisced on how long it had been since we both signed the contract. Strangely on that very day it had been exactly 5 years 3 days. We wrote up another contract since the five year one was about to or had expired, the good news was “Absolute Anger” hadn’t died. The book though was no longer being published, and so began another search for its new home.

Enter, William Jenkins- I met Bill through and hired his services to edit another title of my, a biography/memoir “Chased by Shadows” years earlier. We stayed in contact as the years came and went, and finally Bill stepped into the publishing world. The rest is history… ‘Til next time, keep the faith.

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