Why do We Love Reading Best Horror Books of All Time?

If we have to point out our favorite genre, we’d probably choose horror without any second thought. This naturally makes us picky about horror novels.

But as a matter of fact, we seldom find good horror books. But when we get our hands on some of the best horror books of all time, we forget life around us and remain submerged in the thrill.

Horror is a genre that intrigues us the most because of its ability to scare us and poke at our greatest fears. There’s no doubt about the fact that any mind-provoking book is worth reading, but horror novels do more than provoking.

It picks at our minds, invades our thought process, and gives us a sense of excitement.

Here are a few reasons why we all are fond of reading horror books –

  • Adrenaline Rush – None can deny this! We read scary stories to experience the sudden gush of adrenaline through our veins – these scenarios, whether reel or real, prepare your body for action. On reading horror stories, our heartbeat speeds up, and there’s a sudden increase in breathing and heart rate.
  • Familiarity – Well, we all have been reading scary stories for years, and have our list of favourite authors. While reading, we lose count of time and keep turning the pages while everyone else is asleep. The truth is, we can’t even sleep until we know what happens next.
  • Eagerness to Explore – Horror stories are often created in a boundless supernatural realm, where wonder and horror walk together. It can be anything from people having supernatural powers to people waking up from the dead. Throughout the novel, there are several aspects that compel us to learn and explore more.
  •  To Feel Strong Emotions – Anger, hatred, fear, surprise, terror, repulsion – best horror books of all time have every kind of emotion tapped between the pages that we can think of. We start experiencing the thrill even before we realize that we’re going through these.

Why would you love the Horror Books by Brian?

Brian T. Seifrit is a fourteen-time published author of horror stories. He attended Columbia Academy of Radio, Television & Recording Arts, in Calgary, AB, where he majored in Broadcast Journalism in 1989.

He also attended Selkirk College in Castlegar BC, where he majored in print journalism. He began his career writing for a community newspaper in Fruitvale BC, and since then, he has written several horror novels. Many of his works are now considered as one of the best horror books of all time by the bibliophiles. Two of his famous work are –

1. Absolute Anger 

The “Absolute Tiger” is one of the best horror books for teens. The story revolves around detective Tyler O’ Brian. He and his team have captured the man responsible for brutal killings and put them on trial, which eventually should have put an end to the crime spree. But that was the beginning!  Buy Now.

Absolute Anger

2. Red Rock Canyon 

This novel revolves around Tyrell Sloan, who inherits an old ramshackle cabin. During his journey to the Red Rock Canyon, he encounters several unforgettable characters. Buy Now.

red rock canyon

To know more about his published works or buy his books online, you can visit his Amazon page.

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