A Thorough Guide on Best Murder Mystery Books

Best murder mystery books

The mystery genre essentially refers to a particular kind of fiction that is centered on a crime, such as a disappearance or a homicide, from the time it has been committed to when it is solved.

Mystery literature, including the best murder mystery books, are often known as who dunnits as they allow you to step into the detective’s shoes, trying to understand the questions that begin with what, who, how, and when.

Most mystery stories are characterized by a private eye element or a sleuth figure that acts as the plot’s primary character and solves the case.

Popular Themes of the Best Murder Mystery Books and Other Mystery Novels

Most crime fiction and mystery stories, including the best murder mystery books, employ the following key themes.

1. Detective

These are crime stories that are woven around the central narrative of a retired, amateur, or professional sleuth, who is accountable for solving a murder mystery or investigating a case.

Detective fiction typically begins with the description of a mysterious death or incident and gradually unfold while the protagonist secures leads, interviews suspects, and eventually solves the crime. Some of the best action-thriller books are also primarily detective themed.

2. Cozy Mystery

These detective stories do not contain any element of profanity, violence, or sex. The sleuth can often be seen relying on her/ his intelligence instead of police procedures. Note that the particular theme or genre shares several commonalities with detective literature.

3. Police Procedural

These mystery novel themes include a police professional who plays the role of a protagonist in the story. A few of the world’s most famous police procedural authors are Bartholomew Gill, P. D. James, and Ed McBain. Some of the best horror books of all time are also based on this particular theme.

4. Caper Story

These are mystery fiction narrated from the criminal’s perspective instead of the detective or the protagonist. These stories will offer you an adrenalin ride inside the heists and crimes, providing you with complete access to their swindles, tricks, and motives. In sharp contrast to most mysteries, caper fictions are often known to exploit elements of humour.

Key Elements of a Mystery Story

Although a few of the mystery stories do not follow the standard format for playing with the expectations of their readers or heightening the suspense, most mysteries generally adhere to the following structure.


The readers are introduced to the crime scene around which the fiction is based.


The detective starts working on the case, grilling every potential suspect, hunts for clues, and uncovers new leads to find the guilty as the storyline continues.


The detective discovers a new lead, a clue that is not expected, or a discrepancy in the suspect’s alibi that shocks every fictional character along with the reader, radically altering the way the particular case is being investigated.


The last remaining element of the mystery is revealed by the detective, and the case is solved.


The person who has committed the crime is caught, and all unresolved questions are answered.

Why You Should Grab a Copy of the Best Murder Mystery Books by Brian T. Seifrit

Brian T. Seifrit has authored some of the best murder mystery books for adult Canadian readers, including the millennial generation, in particular. Some of his notable works of fiction are Bloodlines, Red Rock Canyon, and Escape. Being one of his all-time bestsellers, Absolute Anger is now being made into a full-fledged entertainment movie.

Best Murder Mystery Books by Brian T. Seifrit Now Available for Online Purchase

A Bloodstained Hammer

The fiction hovers around a unique murder mystery that disrupted the routine life of the small-town residents in British Columbia in 1959. The feeling and thoughts of the victims and the murderer are nicely depicted in this sensational crime story.

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A Bloodstained Hammer

Absolute Anger

Tyler O’ Brian is the protagonist of the story, who is a detective by profession. The fiction is a spine-chilling narrative of how Tyler and his team capture the mystery man and put an end to the brutal killing spree.

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Absolute Anger


If you wish to know more about his writings or want to purchase them online, please feel free to visit the Amazon author page or his official website.


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