Why We Always Fall for Best Psychological Thriller Books of All Time?

Best Psychological Thriller Books of All Time

The best psychological thriller books of all time and crime fiction intrigues readers across all age groups. Owing to their massive popularity, they’ve become the world’s leading choice for books and movies. Often, the bestsellers list has the highest percentage of thrillers. It’s evident that for some of the readers, nothing can beat the excitement of reading psychological thrillers.

Have you ever thought what accounts for this obsession with thrillers? Why do readers across age groups have this unsatiated thirst to be acquainted with psychological thrillers?

Well, it’s the sheer desire to discover the undiscovered. People admit to being fans of the crime genre. The obsession with the genre scares them and helps them interact with their greatest fear.

Psychiatrists opine that far for from being criminally inclined, those who love reading about crime are people with a high empathetic factor. They further state that humans have always had a morbid fascination for and curiosity about violence and calamity.

Here are three reasons why the best psychological thriller books of all time are loved by readers across age groups

1. Keeps us Hooked

Psychological thrillers are puzzling. Right from the beginning, they instill a sense of curiosity in our minds and keeps us guessing till the end. The books create shadowy places of ambiguous morality and make us feel like everything is happening in the real world.

2. Builds a Real World around Us

Often, the best murder mystery books are set in a familiar ambience, making it difficult for us to distinguish between the real and reel. Unlike traditional thrillers, psychological thrillers mostly deal with our relationships, sex lives, and children. This makes us think that the danger is not only close but inside our homes, where we’re supposed to be the safest. Psychological thrillers are narrated in the first person or third person, giving us access to the protagonist’s thoughts and fear.

3. Instigates Our Greatest Fears

The best psychological thriller books of all time allow us to explore our nightmares without putting ourselves in any actual danger, while also giving us a chance to explore our darkest fears and desires. The questions these books ask are deeply unsettling and stay with us long after we finish reading the novel.

Psychological Thriller Books by Brian Would Make You Explore Your Greatest Fears

Brian T. Seifrit is a fourteen-time published author of some of the best psychological thrillers. Having started his career as a writer for a community newspaper in Fruitvale BC, he evolved to be one of the best-selling authors of thriller and mystery books. Some of his best works are –

1. A Bloodstained Hammer :-

The story is a fictionalized description of the Townsend murders that took place in 1959 in a small town in British Columbia. The author has tried to describe the thoughts and feelings of the murder and his victims. Buy Now!

A Bloodstained Hammer

2. Bloodlines:-

The story is about an ancient blood-thirsty curse that’s lying dormant, but looking for victims. The story keeps us guessing the aftermath of the curse. Buy Now!


Eager to know more about his published works or buy them online? Visit his Amazon page today! You’d love it, if you are deeply in love with psychological thrillers!

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