Foreword- Red Rock Canyon

It all started in the summer of 1890. Tyrell Sloan being the only living heir to his grandfather’s estate in Red Rock Canyon, began his journey. Meeting up with Wilson Wesley an old trapper from his grandfather’s past. Tyrell and Wilson’s friendship grows. After meeting up with Wilson, and hearing a few untold stories about his Grandfather, Tyrell continues on his way to Red Rock Canyon. Meeting up next by coincidence, he introduces himself to Fry, an old prospector also known by his deceased Grandfather. The more Tyrell learns about his Grandfather, the greater his desire to make Red Rock Canyon his home.

Discovering that three of the riches gold claims in all of Kootenay west lay on his land, the Sloan one, two, and three, Tyrell gives his best efforts in working the three claims, but soon learns that panning gold isn’t something he could see himself doing for the rest of his life. A mystery unfolds when he finds on a map where a hidden chest of gold that his Grandfather stowed away could be found.

In September of that year he leaves behind Red Rock and like a summer breeze, Tyrell slips into history, but not without reason.

Foreword-The Missing Years- Part I

Weeks of tormented dreams about how his Grandfather died- leads Tyrell to the town of Willow Gate, west of his hometown of Hells Bottom. There he meets up with the two villainous men of his dreams, Heath Roy and Ollie Johnson while playing cards in local saloon. It is in Willow Gate where a new chapter in Tyrell Sloan’s life begins. Killing the two men in a fair gun-fight, he is soon pursued by the local law corrupted by Heath Roy’s father, a rich and shrewd businessman, Gabe Roy. Gabe wants to see Tyrell hang and he will do anything and pay any price to see to it.

Heading north and into his hometown of Hells Bottom, Tyrell runs across Ed McCoy a bounty hunter, out of Fort Macleod who had just turned in a cattle rustler. Tyrell introduces himself as Travis Sweet. Ed noting that Tyrell was unprepared to be travelling through the unforgiving Rocky Mountains, offer’s Tyrell a meal, which he accepts. Their friendship is secured when Tyrell offers Ed, the use of his packing horse after Ed’s horse breaks his leg and Ed is forced to shoot him. In turn Ed offers Tyrell a job if he is ever in need. Parting ways, Tyrell continues north while Ed heads back to Fort Macleod.

Following close behind Tyrell, is Riley Scott another bounty hunter known to be one of the best. Hired by Gabe Roy to track down the killer of his son, Heath. Tyrell though out wits Riley and manages to escape.

Foreword-Missing Years Part II

On May 30 1891, Tyrell leaves behind Mac and Rose, the work he had been hired to do now completed. He once more heads north, deciding as he travelled that he would head into Fort Macleod to retrieve the horse he had lent to Ed McCoy and perhaps if the offer still stood, he’d take Ed up on his offer of employment. During his travels he comes across a bulletin board with a wanted poster pinned to it, the poster read: Tyrell- last name unknown. Wanted for killing Heath Roy, Ollie Johnson, Eli Ferguson and Noble Bathgate. A $2500 reward is offered by the Mounted Police for his capture or information leading to his arrest. The sketch on the poster didn’t look at all like the man he saw when he looked into a mirror, and he gave silent thanks to Emma as he continued onward.

Days came and days went as he travelled the Chase Wagon Road heading northerly, under the assumed name of Travis Sweet. He meets up with an old fellow who only introduced himself as Nick, Tyrell shared a meal with him noting Nick’s lack of provisions. There was more he would learn about Nick, for now though, Nick to him was a simple traveler.

On June 13, 1891 Tyrell finally makes the distance to Fort Macleod. Finding the McCoy’s office he tethers his horse and meets up with Ed inside. The two men are reacquainted and Tyrell brings up the question of employment. Ed, a man of his word hires Tyrell on the spot.

With the Bounty Hunter oath out of the way and new credentials baring the name Travis Sweet, Tyrell Sloan takes on the roll of bounty hunter with all the good and bad that comes with it.

Foreword-The Missing Years III

August 27, Thursday 1891. The court appearances for B. Atalmore and the three men that rode with him were underway. The men from McCoy’s Bounty Hunting Service, Ed McCoy, Brady McCoy, Riley Scott, Tanner McBride, and Tyrell sat in the audience watching the proceedings. They weren’t the only ones in the audience; Matt Crawford sat behind them unbeknownst to either of McCoy’s men. Dressed in a cheap suite and hat he sat quietly as he listens to the sentencing of the men he once rode with.

The youngest rider of the Rebel Rangers under command of B. Atalmore, Colby Christian gets sentenced to the holding cells at Fort Macleod and is subjugated to 20 days of community service. The other members of the Rebel Rangers, Barclay Atalmore, Allan Webber and Spence Hamilton are all sentenced to six months in provincial prison, for their role in obtaining information regarding Matt Crawford under the guise of Federal Marshals.

Colby Christian begins his community service and helps Riley Scott dig a well on Riley’ recently purchased land. He works side by side with Colby and a friendship develops. Riley takes Colby under his wing he believes that Colby has simply been misguided.


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